Welcome to the DrawBioMed Blog – The Graphical Abstract blog

Hello Scientists! Welcome to DrawBioMed. You probably have seen me on YouTube in my tutorial videos, where I teach graphical abstracts for scientific publications. If not, go check the videos out so I can greet you in person (virtually).

In this blog, I will share about the essential skills for making professional graphical abstracts. You don’t need any fancy softwares. With these skills I share in this blog, you can make professional graphical abstract in freeware like PowerPoint, Inkscape, and (maybe free at your institute) Adobe Illustrator. – click here for my video explaining these 3 softwares.

In the blog posts, you can find the quickest solutions to your technical problems, the Q&A with my subscribers, and the graphical abstracts I find interesting. Additionally, I will share about how it is like working as a scientific illustrator, and I will also interview some colleagues of my to share their stories, so you can have a peek into the mysterious world of the scientific illustrator. Some of these will be exclusive contents because they don’t fit well in the YouTube format.

I will be posting twice a week here. You can enter your email in the box below so you can get a notification of the new blog.

I look forward to seeing you here every week!

Published by Scientific Illustrator Jon

Producer of YouTube channel DrawBioMed

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