How to Draw GPCR (G Protein-Coupled Receptor) in Adobe Illustrator

Hello scientists! This video will show you how to draw the GPCR (G Protein-Coupled Receptor) in Adobe Illustrator, so scientists like you can make professional scientific illustration for your research publication, conference posters, science figures and graphical abstracts. Click the link below to watch the tutorial on the DrawBioMed YouTube. This blogpost is written byContinue reading “How to Draw GPCR (G Protein-Coupled Receptor) in Adobe Illustrator”

Click here to get the Pamphlet for PowerPoint Graphical Abstract

Hello scientist! As you’ve seen in the video, you can download in the link below the short pamphlet about the 3 functions I used in the PowerPoint tutorial. You can sign up to the DrawBioMed newsletter by entering your email below. Once subscribed, you will also get an e-mail notification whenever a new exclusive contentContinue reading “Click here to get the Pamphlet for PowerPoint Graphical Abstract”

Fonts for Graphical Abstract

A researcher has asked me about the font for graphical abstract on my YouTube graphical abstract tutorial, so I recognized this is a topic you might need to know for making your scientific illustration. I will suggest three free fonts here that you can choose from. These are the 3 fonts I usually use inContinue reading “Fonts for Graphical Abstract”

Welcome to the DrawBioMed Blog – The Graphical Abstract blog

Hello Scientists! Welcome to DrawBioMed. You probably have seen me on YouTube in my tutorial videos, where I teach graphical abstracts for scientific publications. If not, go check the videos out so I can greet you in person (virtually). In this blog, I will share about the essential skills for making professional graphical abstracts. YouContinue reading “Welcome to the DrawBioMed Blog – The Graphical Abstract blog”