Is Adobe Illustrator Good for Science Figures?

Hello Scientists! Are you considering to use Adobe Illustrator to create your science figures? Adobe Illustrator is a vector graphic software that is recommended by the Nature Figure Formatting Guide. Watch the video below to find out the theory behind their recommendation. 🎨 Want to learn Adobe Illustrator? Check out my Crash Course Adobe IllustratorContinue reading “Is Adobe Illustrator Good for Science Figures?”

Welcome to the DrawBioMed Blog – The Graphical Abstract blog

Hello Scientists! Welcome to DrawBioMed. You probably have seen me on YouTube in my tutorial videos, where I teach graphical abstracts for scientific publications. If not, go check the videos out so I can greet you in person (virtually). In this blog, I will share about the essential skills for making professional graphical abstracts. YouContinue reading “Welcome to the DrawBioMed Blog – The Graphical Abstract blog”