Hello Scientists! Welcome to DrawBioMed.

DrawBioMed is a YouTube channel where biomedical researchers like you can learn drawing scientific illustration for your research publications.

Where to start?

You can visit my YouTube channel for tutorial videos about drawing all kinds of biomedical structures. Never used the graphical design program before? No worry, you can check out the crash course I designed for scientists, so you can pick up these softwares within an hour.

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Curious about my scientific illustration portfolio? Visit my studio ScienceVisionary.

Scientific Illustrator Jon

Hello! You might have seen me on the YouTube Channel DrawBioMed. I used to be a scientific researcher like you, but I left the academia and pursuit a degree in scientific illustration. You can read the full story in my bio.

Courses and Resources

Crash Course Adobe Illustrator for Scientists


Founded in 2019 by Jon Jieh-hen Tsung, DrawBioMed, is a scientific illustration community based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Do you have questions about the videos and the crash course? You can send me a message with the contact form.

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